Monday, December 1, 2008

A Time for Good Cheer?

It's December 1st. The holiday music has been playing on the radio for several weeks already and the biggest shopping weekend of the year has come and gone. People are getting ready for the holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of their Savior and family and friends share good tidings and cheer (isn't that the way some song goes??). So why is it that shopping for this holiday has gone from fun and cheerful to absolutely horrible? I made a quick trip to Target today to pick up a few things for Johnathan's party. It truly amazes me how rude people can be; how they seem to think there is no one in the store but themselves. Can giving really feel good when you're that uh, rude, when you're shopping for gifts to give? I used to LOVE holiday shopping; it put me in a cheery mood and officially kicked off my holidays (yes, the day after Thanksgiving). Of course, back then, it used to be the first time of the season that Christmas music was played and the holiday decorations hadn't been out since October. Probably close to ten years ago I was at Thrifty drugstore in mid-November, holiday decorations just beginning to hit the shelves, when I heard a toddler ask his mother, "why are we skipping Thanksgiving this year?" It struck me then and I've remembered it every year since. I'm all for planning early, and not waiting until the last minute but c'mon....

This year I'm determined to remember how fun it is to get ready for Christmas. Fun because you're spending time with family and friends, listening to Christmas Carols, and most important (for me) celebrating Advent in preparation for the true reason for the season. Perhaps I should take more advantage of technology and visit the cyber malls where I can shop from the cozy comfort of my home, while enjoying my family, my favorite holiday music, and maybe even a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

Side Note: How much is a bargain worth?