Sunday, December 7, 2008

What if?

What if you could do more to help various charities? Would you?

I was reading an article about a small boy struggling to overcome a cancer that, upon his diagnosis, had very limited treatment options. The boys parents decided to do something about the lack of funding for research of childrens cancers and founded Cookies For Kids Cancer which raised over $400,000 with its first bake sale. The article has a footnote for how to have your own cookie sale or how to order from their site to give as gifts. It got me thinking....

Every year, my husband and I say we wish we could donate more to various charities and causes that are important to us. Financially, we just can't give as much as we would like. As we are quickly approaching Christmas, and the gift-giving season is well under way, I wonder: what if we were to purchase gifts only from these charity sites? We could continue to give gifts to the family and friends on our lists while, at the same time, supporting important charities. Do you think it might work? Even a few gift would help I think.