Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sleeping Through the Night

Granted I've only been at this parenting thing for a little over fifteen months but I've discovered some handy tools along the way. Here is one of one of my favorites:

Elizabeth Pantley's book The No-Cry Sleep Solution. This book was a life saver for us. We knew we didn't want to let our munchkin cry it out so I was determined to find another way. The advice and rescources that this book offers are invaluable. Here's just one of the helpful hints Pantley offers:
"The first step to helping your baby sleep longer is to determine the difference
between sleeping noises and awake noises. When she makes a noise: Stop. Listen.
Wait. Peek. As you listen attentively to her noises, and watch her, you will
learn the difference between sleeping snorts and 'I'm waking up and I need you
now' noises."
Check out her website (another valuable resource in and of itself) for more info on this book and her many other no-cry solution books. I can tell you I have several on my personal wish list as we enter the different stages of parenting ahead.

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