Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is just one of the views through my family room window this morning. For almost two weeks now the private boarding school behind us has been constructing tennis courts adjacent to our property line. What used to be a relaxing view of greenery and nature from my family room is now a giant dirt pile and assorted large (noisy) construction machines. Construction monsters are more like it as these things are HUGE. Yesterday my house literally vibrated for a good portion of the afternoon (I felt like I was living in the SoCal land of earthquakes again) prompting me to take my son and head to Target (a dangerous venture for a Target shop-a-holic like myself). I keep telling myself that I need to just let it go - there's nothing we can do about it and eventually the courts will be built and we'll adjust to having them less than 30 feet from our property line. Yes, I keep telling myself this yet I'm having a seriously difficult time letting go of the aggravation and irritation. I wonder if there's a self-help book on how to do that.

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mommaof4wife2r said...

well, grab some lemonade and be happy you aren't having to do the work...i don't know. when the city tore thru our back yard, i ended up being ok in the end, but it is tough! came from SITS to say howdy!