Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today's Five:

  • Aleve which seems to be the only thing helping my poor back after a mommy-picking-up-squirmy-toddler incident yesterday.
  • The fact that I can almost stand up straight today. (Soooo close.)
  • Despite the back injury, I got to go enjoy a Mom's Night Out last night and met some new people.
  • Matchbox cars - which distracted my son enough this morning to allow me to enjoy some coffee unperturbed.
  • My health - go read this blog and be inspired and thankful.

P.S. - If anyone can tell my why Blogger changes paragraph spacing, no matter what I do, I would greatly appreciate some help.


Dreamgirl said...

Just visiting you from SITS - hope you have a great weekend. Feel free to come visit me at SweeterLiving, I love visitors!

Greetings from Spain

Becky said...

The reason blogger does this is because blogger does WHAT IT WANTS WHEN IT WANTS!!! AAgghh! (no~I'm not bitter) Yup, I have had the same occasional spacing help:(

Very cool that you were a skater! Love it!
Love Aleve too, lol!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!