Friday, March 20, 2009

The Will

The other night, while driving home from work, I happened to catch a segment of a radio show that really touched me. Radio personality Don Jackson, of Toronto's CHFI Radio Station, recounted a story which he first spoke about on his blog in November of last year:

Charles Lounsbury, who died in an Illinois mental institute in 1916, left behind a last will and testament that is not only touching and perhaps inspirational but serves, I think, as a reminder to us all....

“...I devise to boys jointly all the useful idle fields and commons where ball
may be played; all pleasant waters where one may swim; all snow-clad hills where
one may coast; and all streams and ponds where one may fish, or where, when grim
winter comes, one may skate; to have and to hold the same for the period of
their boyhood..."

Read the whole blog post and touching last will and testament here.

I love it!

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Blog Hopping

The creative juices seem to be running a bit dry this week so I thought I'd share with you some of the blogs I've been browsing:

Katherine Stone over at Postpartum Progress is reminding everyone, today, to endorse the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHER Act and to show your organization, group, or blog support on the list of endorsers.

Visit the SITS girls over at The Secret is in the Sauce and discover loads of amazing blogs and bloggers and, while you're there, think about joining.

I love, love, love Life at Willow Manor. Willow shares all sorts of wondrous stories, photos and other bits of information.

I recently discovered Smokey Mountain Cafe where Katherine shares some delectable looking recipes. And don't you just LOVE her profile icon? (Go check it out.)

Check out some beautiful photos and a great giveaway over at SoCal's BLAH, BLAH, BLAHger.