Monday, May 4, 2009

Too Tech Busy

So I realized, just now, that I previously hit 100 posts. I'm pretty sure this is considered some sort of milestone in bloggy land and I missed it. Which leads me to my point: I think I've finally encountered tech overload.

See, the whole thing started about four years ago when my husband and I became engaged, bought a house, and began planning our wedding and life. Given that I now live 3,500 miles from "home" I started a personal website for our little (soon-to-be) family at the time to keep long-distance friends and family apprised of our news, events, etc. With the addition of our little munchkin a few years later, I really began to keep our website updated and learned how to play with html and other fun "techy" stuff. I stayed on top of the website, adding pictures and updating regularly.

Then came facebook. This little addiction was so much fun! I re-connected with friends and discovered all sorts of (mostly) useless applications to play with and sufficiently waste my time. (I swear time moves faster when you're distracted by facebook.)

On the heals of my facebook addiction came my mom's group forums. This, however, also added to my facebook addiction since many moms from my group also friend requested me on facebook. I know... you'd think online contact via our message boards would be enough. No, no it's not enough. Why? I don't know. Just trust me on this.

When I decided to go public with my postpartum depression, I needed some sort of outlet and I missed writing so I started blogging but didn't tell anyone. Then I slowly invited some friends and family to read my blog. Now, I'm officially addicted to blogging - writing blogs, reading blogs, finding and following blogs. You name it, I seem to love it.

Ah, but I'm not done yet.... you see blogging turned me on to twitter which I just had to learn how to use so I could add the cute twitter logos and widgets to my blog. Uh huh.

Then I started selling Tupperware - this means keeping a business website up and running and the addition of my business blog.

Enter overload.

I'm so behind on my family website that I don't even know where to start adding pictures. I'm trying so hard to read and comment on blogs that I can't seem to find time to write (or at least can't find the inspiration). If I find the time or inspiration to write, I slack on the reading and commenting. Then there's the endless facebook invites, requests and updates (by the way, WHY do I need to know every quiz that every friend has taken at every moment of the day?!?), the pressure of creative tweets, building my business, and, oh yeah, being a wife and mother. Hmmm.... The addiction must. stop. now. Ok, no, I won't be giving up my blog, my tweets, my facebook friends or my family website. I am, however, going to try very hard to not get sucked into to any more addicting Internet activities (oh puh-lease don't let your mind wander there).