Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Review: The Great Eight

In his latest book, The Great Eight: How to Be Happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable), Olympic champion and cancer survivor Scott Hamilton outlines what he believes to be the eight general guidelines for finding happiness in your life. His well known wit and humor show through in his writing however he includes some information that seems somewhat unnecessary and distracting. If you have a competitive figure skating background, and already know much of the history and terms which he discusses, it can be somewhat distracting to the main theme of the book. Overall, it’s a good read with some practical advice but if you’re looking for a polished, traditional “self-help” book, this isn’t it.

Hamilton offers many reminders about the important things in life, taking time for faith and family, and just really remember what is important and what is not. Perhaps the most important lesson Hamilton offers is a reminder not to resist change but, rather, to accept change as an opportunity to grow: "If you take the challenge to change as an opportunity to grow and learn something new, you have mad ethe best decision - now you can evolve."

Hamilton offers some insight into his personal life - his struggles, his triumphs and even his mistakes. Those who often have a negative outlook or have trouble letting go of mistakes will likely find these reflections useful in applying Hamilton's lessons to their own life.