Thursday, June 17, 2010

Full Plate

Sometimes I feel like our family's plate is too full and if one more thing gets placed on it, it's going to break.  Or at least crack. Do you ever feel this way or is it just me?  Just when my husband and I think we have enough to worry about, and therefore just must be at our limit, something gets added to the list.  Ugh.  That being said, I'm sorry I'm neglecting my blog.  Priorities, you know?  I need to get things a little more settled on the homefront.  As always, thanks for your patience.

Our son is being evaluated for some sensory issues.  We're hoping he gets approved for occupational therapy.  Getting through the days can be a very difficult task which many times (probably at least 2-3 times a week, if not more) has me in tears and at my breaking point.  Often even before noon.  Making my life more frustrating are the people who don't understand and refuse to believe he has a problem.  This is nothing new; since he was an infant we've struggled with friends and family who just don't "get it."  But that's getting old.  And when frustration gets old, I think it sometimes sends one towards their breaking point. You ignore it for a while but it eventually eeks back in reminding you that you should deal with it. I feel like I'm lacking an adequate support system and often feel like this just might push me to the edge enough to backslide into that darn PPD place again.  I'm hoping I still have the tools in place to prevent that from happening but as many other PPD bloggers have written before me, I often wonder/worry, from time to time, if I'm really through it.  These are the days I long to move away; back "home" to the Southern California sun and it's familiarity (family in tow, of course).  But I digress....

Katharine Stone at Postpartum Progress has a great response piece to the PPD debate that has recently hit the "mommy blogger" community.  If you are a personal friend or family member, I ask that you please read it.  Even if you don't know me, I encourage you to read it.  Katherine very eloquently responds to recent negative comments about/to mothers dealing with PPD.  If you don't understand PPD (and, truly, unless you've lived it you probably can't comprehend it), Katharine's piece might give you some insight.  (Yes, all the links in this paragraph take you to the same place.  I wanted to make sure you get there.)

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