Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's A New Year

First, let me just say that I don't make resolutions.  The only one I've ever kept was the one I made around seven years ago:  not to make any more New Year's Resolutions.  That being said, I do like to set certain goals for myself.  I just don't put that pressure on of having to accomplish something by the end of the year - that just doesn't work for me.

So, I've thought a lot about what I want to work on this year and I decided that getting my life organzied is a good way to go.  I don't just mean clutter on the dining room table (oh there's plenty) but rather clutter in my life.  Little by litte I want to fix this.  I realize this will be a process and I may need to take baby steps in some sense.

I posted a week or so ago about going back to work.  You see, I've been browsing around The Professional Family Manager for at least six months and thinking how right Michelle is:  Motherhood is a job.  A full-time job at that.  So why don't I treat it like one? 

I get to the end of every day, get the baby (ok, toddler) in bed, and start scrambling to finish about a million chores before bed.  If I decide to relax, then the chores pile up for the next day and thus the vicious cycle begins.  By the next morning, I'm exhausted and don't get up till I hear babble (or cries) coming from the other room.  I then trudge, toddler in tow, to the living room in my pajamas and slippers.  By the time I get dressed for my day, it's already half over!  This just can't go on.

Now, if you didn't click on either of the above links yet, do.  Then come back.

My plan is to start reorganizing my routine.  I need to set my alarm, get up, get showered, dressed, etc. and start my work day.  Hopefully, I can get some of my chores, even if it's just the sit-down computer type, done before the ltitle guy is up and clamoring (rightly so) for my attention.  My goal is to get my evenings back - I want to be able to sit and relax before bed not always scrambling to get everythign done.  I realize that won't always be the case but my hope is that it also won't be the norm.

Wish me luck!  I've never been an easy riser (I'm the queen of the snooze button) so this is definitely going to take some doing.  Baby steps.  I just need to remember it doesn't all have to happen at once.

Happy New Year!

*Photo Credit to Laurie|Liquid Paper on Flickr