Friday, February 5, 2010

Ways to Beat the Blues

I was flipping through one of my many magazines this afternoon and came across an ad for Peperidge Farm's Fishful Thinking campaign which featured a tip designed to promote optimism and positive thinking in kids.  I decided I just might have to steal the idea for myself.

The idea is a "Smile Box."  Take a small box or recipe card box and decorate it in a bright and cheery way.  Put your box in the kitchen, living room, bedroom - wherever you're likely to see it when you need a quick pick me up.  Keep a stack of index cards and colorful markers with your box and during your day when you think of something you did that made you happy, write it down on one of the cards.  Then, next time you're feeling blue, reach into your smile box for a happy thought. You could even take it a step further and add some favorite photos. (Here's Fishful Thinking's version of the project.)

Not really the DIY type?  Check out Julie Green's shop, UpUp Creative, and purchase a set of her printable Feelgood Cards (she also offers an already assembled set) or customized Feelgood List.