Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got Swag?

OK, I don't often write these types of posts but I'm very excited about this. 

Like most Americans, Hubby and I are working diligently at cutting costs.  We hope to keep the Munchkin out of full time daycare if we can and that means some sacrifice on our part.  So, I've signed up for every frugal, coupon announcing newsletter, Facebook update or blog post I can.  In the process, I discovered SwagBucks.  What's that?  Well, let me explain: you earn points for searching the Internet then you redeem points for prizes (even PayPal cash).  Can it get any easier than that?  You can install the toolbar, just the search engine or just go directly to the website without installing anything; that's really up to you.  All I can say is:  LOVE IT!  I've been on maybe two weeks and already have enough points for an Amazon gift card. 

Check it out:

Search & Win

Oh... and if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog page you'll find a "Swidget" wich will ocassionaly give you additional Swag Codes.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do get some points if you register off my links.