Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy, Crazy Schedule!

Yes, it has happened again. (Or maybe it has continued to happen??)  Either way, I've neglected my blog.  I'm so very sorry.  I do have lots to share: some is PPD related and some is not.  My two year old has a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) which has had me delving into many books and, combined with his speech delay, sent us on a crazy therapy journey through the end of the year (not to mention he just started preschool).  I've barely had time to empty the kitchen sink let alone write something coherent. I'll update you more, I promise.  I really have a lot of ideas in this head of mine that I'd like to get down on this blog.  For instance:  given that I'm pretty sure I also had/have a SPD, could it have anything to do with my PPD?  Then there's that article I read in a waiting room magazine that said hiring a Doula for childbirth can help prevent PPD... REALLY?!?!?  (No matter how beneficial a doula might be, I find it hard to believe she could prevent PPD.)

So please stick around... I promise I'll make a comeback eventually.