Thursday, June 28, 2012


First completely solo trip to the zoo with two kids.

What was supposed to happen:
get up, have breakfast, and get things ready to go so we can leave by 9:30 and get to the zoo when they open at ten. Enjoy morning at zoo before it gets too hot. Have lunch. Head home with sleeping kids in van.

What actually happened:
Morning of delays. Leave house at 10:30. Forgot camera; that's ok, can take pics with cell phone. Accidentally took the wrong highway. Ok- will just take a little longer. Forget right lane is exit only to Canada. Hit the gas and manage to stay in the US. Get to zoo. Sunblock everybody. Get inside. Four year old whines for lunch. Packed lunch for everyone but myself. Pay $3 for cardboard they call pizza. Cell phone dies. Spend the next two and a half hours explaining to four year old that yes we did come to see the animals and no we did not come to ride the merry go round, train and to dig in the dirt. Baby falls asleep (yay!). Time to head out: need to exit thru gift shop because have stroller. Spend five minutes arguing with four year old that no, we do not buy trucks at the zoo. Four year old is too tired to walk to van. Sits down in the middle of sidewalk. Convince him he can make it. Stop to watch construction vehicle. Baby sleeps through noise (yay!). Finally get to van. Tell four year old ten times to get in his seat. Take baby out of stroller; he wakes up. Start warning four year old to stop making noises at his brother. Get on the eastbound thruway instead of westbound; head towards airport instead of home. Finally get on the right road. 40 minutes later everyone is still awake and I'm still warning four year old to knock it off. Determine I must have forgotten to sunblock my own face. Finally home. Moral of the story? Both my conscious and my subconscious are telling me I need a vacation; seems my subconscious is actually trying to take me there.