Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Once Upon a Time I Had a Blog

Once upon a time, I had a blog. It wasn't a big or fancy blog. It was just a blog. A place for me to write. A place for me to share. Most importantly it was a place for me to learn about myself as I wrote. 

I didn't start the blog for any reason other than curiosity. Turned out it was a therapeutic process so I kept it going. After a while I collected a few followers. (I'm not going to lie: that was a little exciting.) I made a few connections by way of online friendships. I "met" other women like me. Women that helped me know I'm not alone and everything will be OK. Other women with postpartum depression.

We blogged about our healing, our struggles and our emotions with some sprinkling in of family happenings and just the random tidbits of life. It was great. It was my little community. A few even nominated me for little blogging awards here and there. I'm not sure I ever felt I truly deserved that - but I was proud none-the-less.

Then... life happened. There was a second baby and then a third. The first would be diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and when you put that all together? My once quiet life became... Chaotic. Busy. Full. And my little blog sat. And collected cyber dust.

I never forgot my little blog. Turns out it's still here. I'm hoping to get back to it soon. I miss the catharsis of writing (even if no one reads it but me). So here I am. Will this be a new start? Only time will tell. I sure hope it is.