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Disclaimer:  I'm not in the blogging "business" to make money.  Sure, it would be nice, but I'm a realistic kind of person and that's just not me.  The following links are not at all sponsored; they are just sites I've found and utilized that I'd like to share with you.  When you click the links or badges they will take you to the corresponding site and I have no responsibility for any content there.  That being said, I do think these sites are wonderful and I visit them frequently myself:



 The PFM motto: "Motherhood is a career; Treat it like one!"  How right on is that?  Michelle offers wonderful insight into the role of mom as CEO of her family and her posts are always insightful.  Dare I say I think she's (albeit slowly) changing my life?

SimpleMom - the name says it all.  Lots of tips and free downloads.  There's even a book club!

Tip Junkie is home to author and reader tips, crafts, etc.  You name it; you can probably find it here.

Tools for Mom:
Mom Agenda Free Printables

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